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I would like to serve you as I would like to be served

As a Real Estate Broker with many years of experience of serving seniors citizens and excellent reputation among medical and social communities of our beautiful city, I have developed an insight and patience, always going extra mile for anyone I worked with. With me along your side, you will feel pampered and at ease throughout the whole process of complex real estate transaction and beyond.


Utilizing the latest technology I will help you to search through the mass of confusing, endless and tiresome websites and MLS to find the house of your choice. We will cruise together to see multitude of houses until you feel - This is the One!

If you are selling 

your house first

I will help you by connecting you to the right and appropriate services to repair, clean and declutter your home, prep it and stage it for sale.

Probate/will sale

If something happened in your family and you are facing a probate/will sale, I will help you  by being your advocate throughout the whole process, by connecting you to the special probate/elderly law attorney and other appropriate services. I will be there for you.


If you don't want to deal with seems like endless packing/unpacking, boxes, wrapping materials etc., I have an extended network of moving specialists, I can connect you to.

Estate Sale

If you have accumulated more things that you are able to fit in your future house, and none of your family members and friends are not interested in acquiring your possessions, I am offering a full Estate Sale Services so you have a total peace of mind.

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Being a business owner for more than 20 years, I have developed a strategy and an excellent skills in negotiating for buying/selling. You are going to be surprised on how much you can save as a buyer or gain as a seller!

What my customers are saying

"I met Olga Smirnova, owner of Arcadia Home, when my dear friend Margaret Pries was a resident in her home. Olga provided Margaret with lovingly respectful, consistent and competent care. She served as an advocate wherever a problem arose, contacting Margaret's family or appropriate health care provider.

Olga treated Margaret like a member of her family, always going the extra mile, attending to not only her physical comfort, but also her spiritual and emotional wellness.

I have been a practicing Registered Nurse for 33 years, and I have really seen the qualities demonstrated by Mrs. Smirnova, with such love.

She is truly an asset to this community." 

 - Claudia Collahen (Bellingham)