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Everyday kinda things

An ongoing series of information

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About Life

June 15, 2017

Life is difficult but very rewarding. It seems that I am doing million things at the same time - managing my business and dealing with some grumpy employees, working with my clients and their families, my health and loosing weight issues come along together with my partner's post stroke recovery, our getting old dog's temper, my own family involvement, garden' weeds never ending problem etc.  And I feel like a Super Woman by being able to juggle all of it or most of it every single day!!! By the end of most days I am so tired that even mention of " Lets go out" makes it sound outrageous ..

And then a next day comes, fresh and bright, and I feel re-energized by smell of my garden, happiness of my dog and smiles of my people! Life as good as it gets, and I am trying my best to make it as happy and productive as the day allowed..