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bellingham homes for sale real estate

My Story

I was born in Leningrad, Russian Federation, USSR. Long time ago. I was born to an unusual family of actors, composer, professor of mathematics and an engineer. 

My life wasn't easy. I was a love child of two young and talented but poor actors. They have just started their exciting carriers and didn't have much experiences or resources to raise a child - but I was already here, on this Earth. So they sent me to my grandparents, to Moscow, who spoiled me to death.

But that's another story...

Fast forward to my adulthood. 

I always have been an adventurous person, fast and risk taker.

So, when my precious son got sick with eluding Blood Disorder, and doctors in Russia couldn't help him for years and years, I have made a risky but right decision to move to another country and try to get his health better with the help of foreign doctors. 

Oh boy...

Long story short - we have immigrated to United States. Picture it: California, young woman with sick child, no job, no money and no English. Hard life filled with work, work, work but also with friendship, love, warmth and laughter! Sometimes I miss that early time in this country!

My son got better, we have gained English, jobs became better and better, we became stronger, and more important to us - we became citizens.

I have changed jobs and we migrated around the country, from San Francisco to New York and back to West Coast, to Bellingham, WA. 

Life is different and ever changing!

I was born and raised in a big city. I have always concederate myself as a big city girl. The move to Bellingham have changed me. It was love from the first sight: the mountains with snow even during the hottest summer days, the ocean with islands that form the Bay, the hillsides with amazing views, the fresh air with mass of aroma from flowers and trees, the farms and orchards with fresh organic produce and food. All of it so lovely! So many thing to see and do! Theater, shows, music and art festivals, and cousins from all over the world.

Bellingham is a gem! 

And, if you really-really want to go to the BIG city, please do - 1 hour to Seattle or 1 hour to Vancouver, B.C.

Many things has changed since my move. My wonderful handsome son has moved to Los Angeles, finished college with honors, best of his class, and decided to stay and work there. I have got married and divorced, owned houses, sold houses, end up with just one perfect for me house, partnered up with wonderful, caring and loving man, the love of my life, James North. We have a very affectioned and funny dog - Chocolate Labrador Babe, and we developed an amazing paradise-like garden.

For the last 20 years I am serving my community by providing gentle, loving but comprehensive and competitive care to the vulnerable and disabled senior citizens. I am residential medical provider at my Arcadia Adult Family Home, Washington State licensed facility. 

And at the end I am a Real Estate Broker with many designations. 

Life is not easy and fluffy, lots and lots of work, but from the bottom of my heart, I will tell you - I feel blessed with what I have. Its my life how I made it.

Thank you for reading this very short version of my story!

My designations

SRES - Seniors Real Estate Specialist, ABR - Accredited Buyer's Representative, GRN - Green Real Estate

Bellingham homes for sale real estate
Bellingham homes for sale real estate
Bellingham homes for sale real estate
Bellingham homes for sale real estate